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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pictures and Zodiac stuff

For those of you who haven't already seen the new hair pictures on Facebook, here they are now!

I am very much satisfied with mine, and I think mom is too. Yay!

In other news, however on the same day as the haircuts, I found out what my true Zodiac sign is. And why I say "found out," is because I was born September 23rd, and that means I'm on the cusp of two signs. Every other year, it changes between Virgo and Libra, and I was never certain which I really was because every website recorded it differently. Fortunately, there is a fabulous website - which I would link, should I remember what it was... I'll get back to you on that - that, after putting in your birthday (ALL of the specifics, down to the very minute you were born) tells you all of your signs. Your Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Rising Sign... I'm sure I'm missing a few, but you probably get the idea.

My Sun Sign is Libra, my Moon Sign is Libra, and my Rising Sign is Taurus. Taurus - let's hope I get this right - is ruled by Venus, which makes me a triple Libra, or... something like that? I'm not really doing Renae's words justice. When we talk about it again next time, I'll make sure to bring a pen and paper so I can relay what she said with more depth.

Anyway, I'm an all around Libra- in Renae's words, I am the Goddess! ;) I'm not positive how much of the Horoscope stuff I believed in, but I thought it was very interesting hearing about typical Libra habits, because they summed me up pretty well. Very indecisive, sees both sides to most arguments, slightly vain (shh), likes pretty things... but because Libra is an air sign, Taurus is earth, and I'm so close to the cusp of Virgo, I have a very broad personality and like many things. In other words, I'm difficult to describe because I have many sides. I'd say that definitely sounds like me... especially the "indecisive" and "hard to pin down" part.

Okay, well there are the haircut pictures a blip about my Horoscope discovery. Sleep for me now, but I hope everyone has a great day!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Man, is it hard for me to have a picture taken of me. Mom too, as we discovered. We both end up posing, holding a fake-y smile in place, with eyes that are not at all enthusiastic, as they would be should the picture have been taken as a whim in a happy moment. But, most people are this way... I guess I just found it interesting, considering when I'm smiling in the mirror, I can make find the perfect smile- but I can never replicate it for a picture, unless it's simply genuine. Blah, whatever.

The reason we were taking new pictures was because we both got new haircuts! It was a bit of a Girl's Day out at Wendy's place. Mom, Wendy, Shelby, Renae, Wendy's mother and I received new hairstyles; Wendy, Shelby and Renae had new dyes, while the rest of us just had our hair cut. For mine, it was nothing too fancy... I just had it cut a bit shorter, with new layers. I really like it, though.

For mom, a bit of the same, but it looks incredible! For the cut, she trimmed the ends and fixed the layers. Amy, the hairstylist, melded the layers with the rest of her hair so much better than any other stylist ever has. She had it blow dried straight, but kept curls at the bottom, around in other places. We all decided that she had Shampoo Commercial Hair. It's so luscious and perfect. Amy is amazing at what she does. We were all very impressed. Pictures up soon, I'm sure.

Anyway, not much else has really been up lately, however we are going to check out the Body Museum this Wednesday. That should be really cool.

Yay for haircuts. ♥

Friday, April 03, 2009

Story time! - Kyle Pattinson

A Day in the Life of Kyle

Meet Kyle Pattinson. He is about 24 years old, black hair, kind, attractive, charismatic, creative, and loves meeting new people. His interests range across many different things, such as cooking, fitness, and music, above all. Like most good-looking guys who wear eyeliner, he's gay. Simple fact, and it almost makes it easier to make female friends. No need for all that sexual attraction.

Anyway. Kyle recently moved into an apartment, and is eager to start his new life there. After meeting the rest of the people who reside there, occasionally struggling to keep a civil conversation afloat, finds that it's pretty easy to become at least kind of friends with them. (The woman in the apartment room closest to him is pretty loud at night, but he'd rather sacrifice a bit of sleep to earn a friend, than the opposite.)

After throwing a few parties at his place, inviting people outside of the apartment as well, he has plenty of female friends, many of which are attracted to him and looking for more in their relationship. Malissa tends to be the pushier of the women, however Kyle just isn't interested.

Then, he met Jason Cleaveland. Jason is charming, funny, good-looking, and he and Kyle share the same interests. Put simply, there is a lot of chemistry between these two. Kyle, noting that he has never found someone he melded so well with, decided to flirt with Jason a little bit.

That's when Malissa came in. She was furious! Kyle thought that maybe she was convinced she and Kyle had more of a relationship than just friends, so he was calmly prepared to explain to her that that wasn't how it was, and he just wasn't interested in women. However, it seemed that that wasn't the case... in fact, the opposite was.

Here's the major plot twist in our story: Malissa is actually Mrs. Malissa Cleaveland. She and Jason are married, with one A+-Grade child. Whoops.

To speed things along, Malissa attacked Kyle for flirting with her husband, and Jason scurries off, not wanting to be in the middle of this mess. Soon after having his butt handed to him, Kyle requests that Malissa leaves the premises. Easy to say, Kyle is pretty disappointed by this discovery... he was really looking forward to getting to know Jason better.

To take his mind off of things, he was looking forward to going to work. It was his first day as a clerk at the local Record Store. Now, this would be fun. He loves music and everything about it, so this should be a snap! About an hour into the day, a customer walks in, requesting a terrible mainstream album. Kyle would hate to have to sell this piece of trash to a customer, but he knows that his boss would be pretty mad at him if he didn't...

Kyle decides that he'd recommend some better music for the customer. After all, they might thank him in the end!

Turns out, this customer is a vengeful fanboy, growing intensely aggravated that Kyle wouldn't just give him the album he wanted. He complains to Kyle's manager, and he gets fired. On his first day.

This throws him into a bit of depression. He lost his job, his love interest is married, and he had his butt kicked by a woman. He's going to need to pay for the rent soon, and he has no income! Well, he decides to give a call to Jason. They could at least talk, as friends, right?

Jason comes over, and they have a blast. Listening to music, talking, watching TV. Next thing you know, sparks fly, and the inevitable happens. Jason makes Kyle promise that he won't tell Malissa of their meeting, and though he is slightly upset by this, agrees. With a promise of meeting in the future, Jason hastily departs, leaving Kyle feeling dejected.

Soon after, the landlord is requesting payment for the room. Kyle manages to scrape up the request amount, however he's now down to his last dollar.

Now, this is where our story ends. Will Kyle get another job to support his weight? Or will he have to get a roommate to help pay for the rest? Will Jason leave Malissa for Kyle? Or will the two secret lovers have to part, in order to keep peace in the Cleaveland household?

Tune in, next time... for:

A Day in the Life of Kyle

I hope you guys have enjoyed this story! Now, I am about to mix in perhaps the most interesting plot twist of them all. Believe it or not....

...Kyle Pattinson is my Sim character.

That's right. My Sims lead a very dramatic life. (I didn't plan the Jason-Malissa thing, or him to get fired from his job.) If his story continues to be interesting, though, I will write again the next chapter of his life! So if you liked it, please do stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Long lost poem...

Another little something I found while shuffling around my old, dusty documents. A poem! I can't remember when I wrote it, what its name is, or what was even going on in my head at the time... but reading it back, I kind of liked it. So, here it is.

Whispering softly with an elusive voice,
To a person who's hardly there
I stay bound to my chair, without much choice
I yearn for your touch to my hair

I turn left and right with a quick heart,
Scared and excited that you may be standing, watching
My blood pounds in my veins as I jump with a start,
But I'm only surrounded by the shadows that resemble your figure

Darkness surrounding and pressing in,
I still search eagerly for you
But as much as I look I simply cannot win,
You have played me for a fool

Confidence slips from me as the days pass on,
And your presences is as scarce as ever
I'm encouraged by others to forgive and forget,
But your face I will forget... never...

A poor one's love that is not returned
Is the saddest thing to see
But my soul is now bound to yours,
And I will never set myself free

I will never stop looking, my sweet lost angel,
And one day we will be together at last
My love only grows stronger as the weeks tangle,
And those memories from long ago past

Another conversation...

So, late tonight I was looking through my Documents, found a bunch of little random writings that I had saved here and there. I had completely forgotten about all of them, so it was pretty cool reading them again. Some were old posts for Blogger or CotF that I had saved as drafts and had never deleted, some were AIM conversations... one I found was an old conversation I had had with Alec, one day. By now, I've forgotten when it took place, but reading it back again made me laugh, so I thought I'd post it here!

Introducing, Abbi+Alec Conversation No. 2! Guest staring, Mom!

Abbi: ...so, I put up this sucky rare on the Auction House, and--
Alec: What makes it sucky?
Abbi: I don't know. It had bad stats. It sucked.
Alec: Like what, Strength?
Abbi: I don't know... Spirit or something. Anyway--
Alec: Just 'cause it has spirit doesn't make it bad.
Abbi: Whatever!
Alec: I just wanted to know what made it sucky.
Abbi: It just... sucked! In general! I don't know, it was Shaman gear or something.
Alec: Just 'cause it's Shaman gear doesn't mean it sucks.
Abbi: ... Stop it! I don't care. It wasn't good. Oh, and it's this you always do, you know. I get frustrated with you because you keep going on, but then you say something like "Hey, I was just being cheerful! Don't get upset!" and I get turned into the bad guy for getting upset!
Alec: But I didn't say it this time.
Abbi: I know. But. Still. For next time, so you're "aware."
Alec: But I didn't say it. You didn't catch it.
Abbi: But I'll catch you next time!
Alec: But you have to catch me saying it first, or it won't count!
Abbi: AGH, you're doing it again!
Mom: He always has to be arguing something, doesn't he?
Alec: Well just save it for the next debate, then you can catch me.
Abbi: No. No arguing. Stop.
Alec: But we're debating.
Abbi: No. No debating.
Alec: No?
Abbi: No.
Alec: Oh. I thought you said we were debating.
Abbi: No! We're not.
Alec: Okay, now we are. I debate that we are debating, and you'll debate that we aren't.
Abbi: ...ahah..ha.. n-no! No debating! You're always debating!
Alec: Hah, I got a laugh!
Mom: See, it's okay to joke about it that way... 'cause it's true.

As it happens, I must have been snappy that day. But either way, he was interrupting me way too much! ;)

And that concludes our late-night blog post for today. Stay tuned, next time, for Abbi+Alec Conversation No. 3!