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Thursday, May 22, 2008


Well, today I was in a tree-huggerin' mood, sitting outside and feeling the cool, Minnesota-May breeze... I knew that it would probably be the last like that. There certainly wouldn't be "cool breezes" in Georgia, anyway (maybe in the 'winter', I suppose!). My mom also mentioned that she would miss the trees... yes, there are trees in Georgia, and the area we would be moving to would be a lot like Minnesota, but nothing quite matches MN's... forest. A woods in the backyard, watching our baby twin deer growing up. There probably wouldn't be things like that in Georgia.

But a change is necessary, nevertheless. I know I'll miss these old things, but what would the point of living here have been if I didn't? I really love Minnesota and thinking about myself as a Minnesotan girl, but I'm really looking forward to embracing the new aspects of life, and the pure differences that Georgia has to offer. It will be like nothing before, that's for sure, but as Bilbo Baggins would say, "I think I'm quite ready for another adventure!"

Anyway, going back to the note on trees... a friend of mine was bored a couple of hours ago and asked if I had any requests on an icon for her to make. I suggested something that had to do with "Hug a Tree". I thought it was so cute, it instantly inspired me - as did the entire day, as well as nature in general - to write a poem. Here it is!


The soft, peaceful breeze
Lightly blows the trees,
Caresses the leaves,
And all worries, relieves

Darkness unfolds
Wonder, the night holds
The starry sky knows:
For now, all goes

The ocean, it sways
Beneath a sun's harsh rays
The cool water's touch
Sand escapes one's clutch

The clouds from above,
We all truly love
And as nature breathes in,
It warms all from within

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

She's aliive! ...with a poem!

Okay, so it's been a very long time since I posted *anything*, I know... but I'd like to assure everyone that I am in fact still alive. Great news, huh? I know!! Right?

Anyway. Teenage mockery aside, I return with... a poem! I've been rather obsessed with the Twilight books lately, so it should be a no-brainer to guess where I got most of my inspiration from. I also gotta' thank Dev, who just randomly blurted "Oh, I want to write a poem about vampires!" Obviously it was too tempting for me to resist. Anyway, here it is!

In the Night, Before the Light

A setting sun,
A brand new run
I rise to stroll the night
A drunken stagger,
No need for a dagger
I licked my teeth with delight

I walked into the cool, dim room
Music too loud and a gray smoky haze
The darkness covered my cold, pale face
But my voice quickly pulled the girl's gaze

"Come with me," came my soft whisper,
And she was smart enough not to disobey
But once I spoke a single word,
It was hard not to be my prey

I led her to the alleys of the street,
The aroma of her body far too sweet
I couldn't resist the temptation much longer
I gently pushed her to the wall
But it only made her curiosity stronger

"This won't hurt a bit," I whispered again,
But my eyes flashed a lie
My fangs quickly slipped into her neck,
But her gasp was merely a sigh

The taste of her blood washed over my senses
And pulling away was no longer an option
I sucked and licked every drop with my might
There was passion in every motion

Soon enough she was as pale as me,
And her eyes could no longer see
I gently sat her on the hard pavement
And as calm as I arrived, I went

A cold deed
To simply feed
I was quickly out of sight
I returned home
I was all alone
And asleep again before twilight