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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Dungeons & Dragons!

Well, lately, Dev's family and friends had been playing DnD! She kept telling me all about how much fun it was, how much she enjoyed it, and how much she thought I would like it. After hearing several stories and tales about their adventures, I decided I wanted to check it out! If asked around the family, and they said they're all willing to try it out.

I found on Amazon.com a gift package thing. With everything you'd need! A Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master Guide, and Monster's Guide! About $60, not including the shipping fee. And I'm leaving for the South Carolina trip in two days. AND it's Sunday. So, we can't send it over... we checked around town. There was a small shop that had the exact same thing! Albeit $90 dollars instead, it's instantly ours. That's what we ended up doing.

There was a DnD group that was there. They said they gather together and play at noon, every Sunday. A good way for a beginner to learn! There's also a day where beginners can show up, and learn in groups, how to play. We'll be keeping that in mind.

Now that I'm back home, I have my three Core rulebooks, and I have decided on my character:

Name: Lavinia Leagallow
Gender: Female
Race: Halfling
Class: Rogue
Personality: This quirky, greedy, sneaky Halfling loves to explore and discover. She doesn't favor the hobby "collecting" as most of her race does. If something is valuable, she'll turn it into gold before you can blink. Once she has the gold, she'll spend it before you can open your eyes again. She favors sharp daggers and has an interesting perspective on the world around her; one she isn't afraid to express.
Physical Appearance: Medium length raven black hair, with a few sporadic braids here and there, several beads in the braids, a few dark and light feathers weaved in, and the occasional dreadlock. With pale white skin, she isn't the prettiest to look at, but wouldn't quite count as a Dwarf. Four small silver rings pierced up her left ear, and three on her right. She stands 3'2" and never wears any shoes.
History: **This piece is still under construction**

I can't wait until I fully understand this Handbook, and I can begin playing!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Toe-Confessions of a Teenage Drama-Writer

Well. Today, on my way to bed, I tripped over Alec's 60-some-inch Sephiroth sword. My eyes widened with horror and I fell forward, catching myself with extended arms. I could feel a painful throbbing, coming directly from the bone, nail, and flesh of the second toe on my right foot. Well, at the time, I guess it was a throbbing generally coming from the entire foot. Quite literally, it hurt like hell.

I wanted to scream. I wanted to cry so hard that my own foot would feel pity for me, and would ease up on the pain. Maybe stop hurting. But I couldn't get anything out. My throat felt like it had swelled up, and at any moment, it would close. Fear that my own throat would close on me? Scary. Gagging, I simply held my foot with agony, rolling back and forth on the ground. My body spared me a few gasps of air, which were shortly lived. Eventually my lungs were filled to the brim with these quick gasps, and was unable to exhale. Ready to explode, yet also unable to stop, while I'm fully aware my lungs are "full." Gasping over and over, while the pain kept lulling in. Glancing down at my foot, it turns out I had ripped the cubical, and a third of the nail was black and blue.

Again, I wanted to scream. The pure terror that was struck within me by the very sight! But, I didn't. I just stared at it. Alec was kneeling beside me, and ask if he could do anything... after a few silent moments, I managed the words "can you get me some ice?" He nodded, and as soon as he was upstairs, I cried hard. With all my heart, finally releasing that air I had recently gathered so desperately in my lungs. When he returned, I was silent again. I really don't think I would be scared or embarrassed to cry in front of my own brother, but maybe, just maybe... my body wouldn't allow me to cry in front of someone, if it wasn't absolutely necessary. Or maybe this is just another theory? A desperate attempt to add some deep meaning, to a truly meaningless detail or flaw in my being.

After Alec handed the ice over to me, I quickly applied it to my toe, but pain spurted throughout my entire body. It was unbearable, thus I had to take it away. My entire foot was aflame! Only once I put the ice to it did I realize the drastic difference in temperature, between the two. Also of my toe, and the difference between normal room-temperature! It was obvious that it *didn't want* ice on it, and applying the ice lightly was only teasing it. Teasing with terrible pain, but no actual result. Some higher - or lower - being's plan to foil me once again. Blast! Alec got me a tennis ball to squeeze as I pressed the ice tightly to my toe. Fight fire with fire! It was easier that time; the rougher approach was successful! So much for my mind to concentrate on, it was overwhelming. So very overwhelming, that I was too distracted to notice how much it really did hurt. Of course, as soon as I lifted the ice, the terrible after-effect kicked it. The throbbing. The burning.

It was like when you fill up your tub with hot water, or walk into a hot tub for the first time. You dip one of your feet in the water, and it's too hot. You retract your foot back to you with perhaps a bit of surprise, and you have that burning, throbbing sensation as I do now. Although what a hot tub would give would probably be a milder "version" of the pain I'm feeling now, I suppose you could say. After a few seconds, your foot would cool off, and it'd be fine. To know what I feel, try imagine the throbbing and burning. Fiercer, and... well, non-ceasing. It just continues and continues and continues. On and on. And the ice, that I KNOW I should apply (because I don't want swelling) only making the entire experience worse.

About ten to fifteen minutes later, after I've told my parents and I'm sitting in a chair with my feet raised, it still hurts. Continuing and continuing. My dad makes a comment about how he's fascinated by the nerves, and communication that goes on throughout the body, to tell the brain that a part of the body is in pain. How very many nerves must understand and tell the brain. And it's all done in less than a second! I made the comment that I wish my feet would STOP letting my brain know its in pain... I GET IT, THANKS FOR THE NEWS FLASH.

A half hour later, while I'm writing this, my feet are elevated by a chair and two beach towels. It's still throbbing and burning. Continuing and continuing, more and more. It reminds me of when I have restless legs, from not sleeping. I just accept the pain, thinking eventually it'll die down... but then it comes back, striking fiercer! Harder! Again, foiled by some superior being "watching over" me. More than likely laughing at me.

And even after I'm fully aware this sucks, a lot, I can't help but think... am I overreacting? Am I exaggerating with words? Maybe I'm just writing as I feel. Others couldn't possibly understand how it could be this bad, I guess. I can only assume...

...anyway. We think I might have broken or sprained my toe.


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My Weird Facts!

I've been tagged by Kelli. I'm supposed to include in a blog 6 weird things about me.

Here are the details: Each person who gets tagged needs to write a blog post of their own 6 weird things as well as clearly state this rule. After you state your 6 weird things, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says "you're tagged" in their comments and tell them to read your blog for information as to what it means. So here goes.

1. Okay, I never thought of this as weird, but apparently it is. I'll explain... in my Sign Language class, the teacher was explaining that when you're signing some one's name, you don't need to pay attention to every single letter that's being signed, as long as you get the main idea. This is how she said it. "For example, let's take... Lawrence. You don't pay attention to every single letter in that name, as long as you hear the main idea, right?" Well... I guess that's what's weird about me. When I hear a new word/name, I spell it out in my brain! That's how I remember it.

2. Whenever I stay up all night, I always ask my mom to make pancakes, in the morning. I don't know why, but that's what always sounds really good. Pancakes and a mocha. About an hour after I eat and drink, I'll most likely be asleep. Even after a mocha!

3. Ooh, that last Weird Fact just reminded me of another. I like coffee! Hehe, I've always loved the smell, but now I even get urges to drink it. Mmm. (My mom spoils me with our amazing coffee.)

4. I can stay up for 20 hours easier than I can wake up after getting 10 hours of sleep.

5. For about a month in my life (not now, but in the past), I had eaten only nachos, and I didn't gain a pound.

6. I cannot drink any other milk but 100% skim! Not even soy.


Okay, this is the hard part. I don't know who's already been tagged... I think I'll skip this part, but thank you. ;) I did all the facts, anyway! I hope you're satisfied!

I like writing. Suggestions?

I like writing. Really. But why can't I always come up with new ideas? Maybe it's just a hint from the high gods that I wasn't meant to be a comic writer, or a weekly TV series plot line-writer, or whatever you would call that role. What should I write? Another story? Should I join more WoW RP threads, and maybe it'll give me an idea? I don't know.

Maybe I should write about how I feel. Yeahh... maybe then I can get an inspiration for a character, for some new story that will only last a few chapters in a failing novel. Fun.

Okay. There is an absolutely amazing writer on the Roleplaying forums. She's friendly, she's bubbly, and she gives out free waffulz! (Inside joke, sorry.) Her character's name is Lilam (as that is also what everyone calls her). But I don't know how I'm supposed to feel, when I read her writings. Should I feel inspired to continue writing, and eventually I'll get better at it? Or should I feel discouraged, knowing that I'll never possibly be that good? Mmph. I don't know.

I doubt I really ever could be as good at her, anyway. Perhaps when I get older, and through my years, I'll learn/understand more words. I'll have them at my will to weave into my writings. Perhaps it'll create some sort of illusion that I have a creative, intelligent mind, yet no idea what those particular words mean. No one would know of my incapability to understand my own sentences, of course. Incredible idea.

But of course, I'm only kidding you! Dictionary.com is my best friend, so I'm never unaware of what a word means. Sometimes I'm unaware of how to place it in a sentence, and what context it should be used, but you get the picture. Oh! I almost forgot. A link to Lilam's most recent thread: click here

Just her first post on the forum sent chills up my spine. The way she can write. The ideas that come into her head, and the very logic of it all. How can does she do it? Alec said it was over elaborate, and really didn't need that much detail. The least possible detail - yet still getting the point across - the better. That's HIS opinion, of course... I love detail. It's one of my weak points, though. I could most definitely get better at it.

Hm... perhaps I'll write another story, and post it on the blog as I go along. That would be fun!

Okay, I have a request for all of you, my friends! Do any of you have any suggestions as to what I should write about? A tragedy, a romance, how about adventure... maybe I should just write about a bunch of characters, because I know that I'll never be able to create a plot line, quite yet. What about characters? Should I use a tomboy girl, and a shy boy? A pompous paladin-knight-type and an independent woman? Whatever you can come up with, please do tell. Names are also accepted for suggestions. I'm in need to write again! Please help me out!