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Friday, October 12, 2007

I Who Cannot, Do - Interpretations

Hello, hello! I've decided to run a little test of sorts. I've been induced with the curiosity of individual interpretations of all sorts. Recently, I wrote a poem, and showed it to a couple friends... both of them thought and saw it as different things, which I found were both really cool! So, I would like to you guys to help me with this little test/game. :)

I'm going to post the poem that is almost painfully vague, and I would like you guys to email me
(which is abbidt@gmail.com) your thoughts and interpretations on it. Now, if you're looking to simply rate or review it, you can leave a comment on this post. Reviews are always welcome. :)

I'd just like for you to tell me what images and conclusions you drew while and after reading. Did you think of love? Or maybe science? Those are just examples, I'd like your own personal conclusions. :) The more detailed the better!! Did the person happen to look a specific way to you? Did they have an expression, or were they faceless? I'd also prefer you send it back to me in an email, and not a comment on this post... if you were to leave your thoughts as comments, another person could stumble along and read that, and it would somewhat ruin their original interpretation, and make it yours.

After maybe a month or so (depending on how many replies I get) I'll post many (if not all) of the different interpretations I was given. I won't put names, if you would prefer. This is not for science homework or anything for school (I don't go to it :p) but a little project I've set for myself, which I think will draw very interesting results.

Anyway, without any further explanation, here's my poem:

I Who Cannot, Do

I have not been favored,
It is something I for one lack
But I see more than all else,
So don't cut me your slack

It is not relevent, for I make up quick
It is something I use, and it's not just a trick
I have mastered my loss,
And I realize, life is not something to toss

I sometimes wish upon the falling stars,
Though I cannot see the redness of Mars
Some of you call me an illogical fool,
Though I do not roll over; I am not the tool

I need not the capability to see the light
I need not the ability to perceive the fight
I understand all around me and perhaps even more,
Listening to old stories, languages, and a bit of lore

I am getting more out of what others throw away,
For only I realize what I must do and say
The ruthlessness of the fellow friend,
The life that cannot 'simply' mend

One should and shall savor,
The not-so-long lasting flavor,
For it will not be forever,
Something we only now can treasure

Helpless victims,
We must act now,
It's not a question of why,
It's a question of how

A limited supply,
I need not an eye,
To see what flies by,
What goes on in the sky

But it's not out there that we must discover,
It's right down here which we have to recover
But no, you're all lost, in your little fantasy lands,
Drinking your beer and singing with the bands

Ironic, how I'm the only one who sees
The darkness around us, while you allow its seize
No, you're too convinced of my lack of sense and eyes,
But you'll soon realize, these words I spew are not simple lies...

Now go, go, go, and email me your thoughts! :) Please and thank you! And as I said before, there are no wrong answers.