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I'm a teenage girl who enjoys a variety of things, such as flowers, colors, piano, music, henna, writing, animals, reading, acting, creating, talking, moving, learning, smiling, and playing. This blog is about my life, interests, and observations.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Camp! French! French Camp!

Ooh-la-la! I am leaving to go to French Camp tomorrow!! Excited. Nervous. All new people, all new experiences, all new foods, all new games, all new words... for two weeks!! Eeeek. Scary... I've been pondering my "two week" decision for the last few days. Wouldn't one week be a bit better for a beginner, like moi? Ehh... It'll be okay. It'll be fun. I'll be okay. I'll have fun.

If I just keep telling myself that, everything'll be fiine...


Sunday, July 01, 2007

Some of my drawings

Here are a few pieces of my anime-type drawings (I've chosen my favorites). Nina is my most recent one.


Nameless Woman