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I'm a teenage girl who enjoys a variety of things, such as flowers, colors, piano, music, henna, writing, animals, reading, acting, creating, talking, moving, learning, smiling, and playing. This blog is about my life, interests, and observations.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Acting Camp

This summer is going to be pretty busy for me; busier than most years, anyway. I'll be attending three different camps: Laura Bowman's ETUSC in August and Vermont Session 3 NBTSC in September being the later two. But the one that's the most risky personal leap for me, is the two-week intensive acting course with the Georgia Shakespeare Co. It will take place Tuesday - Saturday, July 20 - July 31, 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM.

My actual acting experience is extremely limited. I had small dancing parts in the Paul Bunyan Playhouse productions of Winnie the Pooh and Peter Pan, and I fell in love with plays. The behind-the-scenes, the make-up and costumes and props, the coordination mixed up with improvisation, and the amazing, creative people behind it all. I've tried out for a couple other plays since, but after moving to Georgia, it's slipped my mind and I haven't pursued anything.

Still, I've always loved memorizing and performing monologues. I performed V's introductory speech (from V for Vendetta) at the 2006 Live and Learn conference, and more privately memorized Helena's heart-ripping accusations toward Hermia as Lysander and Demetrius both proclaim their love for her (from A Midsummer Night's Dream, Act 3, Scene 2). I also worked on a few of Lady Macbeth's soliloquies.

So, as I said, I'm finally pursuing this interest again by attending this camp (through no small part from Madeline Rains, to whom I am most grateful.) It's the first time I've ever taken part in an intensive course, but I'm really excited. And anxious. And nervous. I have no idea what to expect, except that I plan to jump in head-first and do my best. I know that I didn't get a few acting roles in the past because I was too caught up in having fun and being silly - at the time I was between 8 and 10, so can you really blame me? - but I really want to take this opportunity seriously this time, and really learn from the actors that are here to help me. (For more information on the camp itself: http://www.gashakespeare.org/camps I'll be attending the "High School Conservatory".)

I suppose the last thing I'm left with is the wonder if I should prepare beforehand, or just continue with my days as I have up to this point, and just enter with an open mind. Like I said; I'll be present, listen for advice and constructive criticism, and just... be all that I can be! I won't worry about needing more until I'm there, and if it does call for something I'm lacking, I should be set to take care of it then.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Been a while, eh? Recap!

Hello, Blogger. Remember me? Yeah... some couple, six months ago or so, I said that I would write here more often. So, uh... so much for that. But there's no use dwelling on what I failed at doing! What I can do now is write a little recap! "What has Abbi been up to?" some of you may be thinking? Or maybe you aren't actually thinking that, but you're willing to read on anyway? Maybe you don't care in the slightest and you're right now typing into the URL space I Can Has Cheezburgers? Either way, this what I've been doing! Or... what I can remember doing.

In May, we drove up to Minnesota for our family reunion, and general family and friend visity stuff. It was a very, very long drive, but Alec and I bought the new Pokemon games for the ride so we were entertained for quite some time. Well, actually, the entire way up felt like a couple minutes, and the entire way down, I was reading. So I guess it'd be more accurate to say it felt to everyone else like a very, very long drive; I'm lucky to be able to zone out into a book or a DS game while in the car, which happens to make things go quite a bit faster. The trip itself was a lot of fun, too, but we were all glad to be home when we got back.

A little further in May (or before the trip, I'm not sure) we had a conjoined birthday party for Kyra and Sierra in Johnson City at a roller rink. I'd never rollerskated before (or I had, once before, at the same location and only a couple weeks prior to the party) so I was very inexperienced. I was lucky to have only fallen over a couple times. It was a lot of fun!

Almost a week ago this month, the "Big Four" of Metal went on a tour together in Belgium. The Big Four are Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax. This is the first time they've played together, even though they've all been around for over thirty years. To sum the exact... "effect" these bands had on the music world, they practically invented metal, as well as revolutionized it over the years of their fame. So needless to say, the tour was huge. So huge, it was being broadcast to theaters all over the world! Alec and I went to it in Cumming, and it was pretty... epic, for lack of a better word. Four hours of metal that went from 7:30 to 11:30. Very enjoyable, but left me extremely wiped. Now what I want most is to go to a Dream Theater concert, but Alec assures me that that won't be for another year or so, at the least. Boo.

And finally, most recently, Kyra, mom and I have been playing with felting projects! I made a circular color-ball, two little... cartoony face things, and a giant Poliwag! Pictures coming soon. Maybe.

I guess the last little details would be the TV shows that we've been watching- Buffy and Angel! ...that's right, Buffy and Angel AGAIN! I'm watching Buffy for the third time and Angel the second, this time with Kyra. I'm still in love with both series, so they're as fun as ever.

Well, more details on my life coming up later, and in more detail, as they occur to me. Maybe I'll write more about the events these last couple months, or maybe some later stuff... either way, I'm glad to have at least brief across this little life of mine that had gone un-blogged about for so long!

See you soon, and I'll try my best not to forget about you next time.

No, really. I'll try.