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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Busy Monday!

Well, who would've thought that ANY teenage child would be excited about Mondays? Most of Mondays means it's the end of the weekend; it's the start of the school week. But, for an unschooler who has recently signed up for Piano lessons AND ASL (American Sign Language) lessons, Mondays can be VERY fun!

Sign Language!

I suppose it's been about a month ago since Diana and Hayden were here. But, while they were here, I was very excited about learning Sign Language with Diana. Diana's job since she was... sixteen, I think she said, was interpreting. Sign Language is her second language. Who perfect to ask for answers about this sign-speak? While she was here, I learned how to say "idea," "dream," "love," "evil," "internet," "connection," "disconnection," "lost connection," "sorry," "love," and of course... "fart"! A lot of these relating words have the same signs. Why does this surprise me? Of course they would have the same signs. It would only make sense!! "Disconnection" has "connection" in the word, right? So why wouldn't you have the same sign of "connection" in "disconnection," and just adding another extra sign? That's what we do in English! Maybe I'm underestimating the knowledge of the other people around. It would only make sense to do it in such a fashion.

Hmm... I think I am underestimating it. Well, after she left, I still had an urge to learn this. I've always wanted to learn languages! So says my mom, I've always been very languistic. I am practically fluent in Chinese Pig Latin, fairly good at Ubby Dubby, can and can kind of speak Pig Latin. I could use a bit of work on a few of them, but that'll come in time, I'm sure. My mom just needs to practice a bit more, or I need to teach my sister!

Oh, and to clarify, all of these languages are all put in the same category: Gibberish. Unfortunately, none of these languages are spoken in any country... and if they were, everyone would have to know how to speak/spell English first! And what's the point of learning another language to get away from English, if English is its origin? I think I'm still making sense. Someone just remind me in a comment if I'm not.

So I know all of these languages, but no one to speak to. Hmm. I either 1, need to teach more people these gibberish languages, or 2, learn a REAL language, that people would already know! I suppose you can guess which won out in this decision? I've sort've tried to learn Spanish, a little with Japanese, and I've even put little sticky notes on different objects around the house with the written name in French! Eh. All was too difficult. I didn't know anyone that spoke any of these languages, anyway. My mom still knows a bit of French, but not enough to have a real conversation with someone who is fluent.

Sign language. Sign language! What better language? I doubt we'll be going out of the country any time soon, unfortunately, so why not learn another language that people already know around this area? And Diana knows it fluently (as I mentioned before)! How perfect!

These lessons will begin in a few weeks. I'm so excited! It'll be great!!


So my other chosen lesson that I'll be taught on Monday. Piano! We have recently gotten a new Baby Grand piano that was imported from Moorhead MN, to our house. It was sold to us at a cheaper-than-normal cost, from a friend of ours! It is absolutely gorgeous, and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. I've always loved music. I played violin for a while, then I unofficially played ocarina, and even a bit of electric guitar which I was taught for a few months. What I love doing most with music intruments: figuring out songs by ear. With my ocarina, I could play Harry Potter. On my Guitar, I figured out Jingle Bells Rock. I never did much of that on my violin, having played that while I was... five, maybe, maybe six. Around that age was when I took lessons for it.

Piano was great, because it was so amazingly easy to pick out different songs! I played Mary had a Little Lamb, Jingle Bells (and Jingle Bells Rock), and many more. I even played the theme song from one of Alec's once-favorite video games. The name is escaping me at the moment, though. We had an old piano for a while, of which we gave away a few years ago, after moving too much. My favorite song to play was If I Were a Rich Man. I had memorized it by heart, and could play the top keys. I had never really learned to do the second hand, and instead my mom would play beside me. I had often played on the keyboard Kyra had gotten for Christmas; though she never really liked me playing it.

The moment I saw our new Baby Grand, I fell in love with it!

I played on it a lot. Alec got angry with me when I played it while he was sleeping. I relearned If I Were a Rich Man, and can now play it by heart, again! While I was playing WoW in the basement, I heard my mom playing a hearty tune; very upbeat, and kind of corny. I instantly wanted to know it!

It's called The Entertainer, and I can now play half of it. I still cannot play with both hands, though, I play the higher notes. Alec has already gotten extremely annoyed with the song, but I'm getting so good at it! I'm so happy! I've began practicing with both hands, but so far I've only gotten a few notes down. I always play the songs too quick for my other hand, hehe. The Piano lessons are going to begin TOMORROW!!

Well, that's all I can think of writing right now. I'm so absolutely thrilled that I'll be doing this! Whoo!!