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Friday, July 09, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...

Throughout my life - as I'm sure others have also done - I've continually found sounds that I love hearing... here are a few simple pleasures that make my ears sing.

The crunch of a crisp pine cone.

A finger's perfect snap.

Gentle, dripping waterfalls.

Harsh, storming waterfalls.

Babies giggling.

The crunch of a crisp autumn leaf.

Freshly-baked, crackling almonds.

Fingers typing quickly on a keyboard.

That one high, pristine note on a harp.

A slow exhale.

That clack, when someone snaps their tongue in their mouth.

The crunch of a thin layer of ice on the side of the road.

The build-up, and eventual high screech of a tea kettle.

Birds chirping.

The rustle of leaves outside.

And finally, complete, utter silence... silence, eventually to be cleanly sliced through by any one of the aforementioned sounds.

Sharp, clear, focused. Such clarity is rivaled only by...

Relaxation; wispy, dreamy. Calm and gently at peace, enjoying the serenity within one's own mind, and bathing in the simple sounds all around us.

This how I like to live my life, and this is how I like to hear it.


Ben said...

cool. but you forgot one.

The sound of a crisply cooked green bean snapping into your mouth as you eat it.

Abbi Traaseth said...

You're completely right! Thank you for including that invaluable pleasure. ♥

alex trumpe said...

Some of my favorite things are animals, people, and the planet in general (I know - pretty obvious, right?). I just hate it when any of these are mistreated.

Please come check out my blog. If you like it, I would really super appreciate it with all of my heart if you became a follower :-)



SimplyMe said...

Nice list. Brings back memories of the movie "Sound of Music"