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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Just when you thought she couldn't get any weirder...

Yay, I was tagged for another meme!

Which, brings to question. What is a 'meme', exactly? Is it some big thing that I've been left out on? Maybe it's just a nickname for quiz, or survey? Or maybe it's just a little joke about quizzes/surveys, because you're filling out a form about "ME,ME!"? Oh well, no matter. Curiosity's knocking at the door again, but I can keep it at bay with my own (more or less accurate) assumptions and theories.


My good friend Madeline has tagged me for this 'meme'. I think I've done it already (twice), so if you've already gotten enough weirdness from 'meme' and don't need any more, you have my permission to read somewhere else. Of course, if you would like to read more habits, I demand you do so.

That's right. I'm forcing you to read against with your will. Just dandy how that works out, eh?

Once again, here comes that final encouraging - and most likely overused - word that pushes me along with my post: 'anyway!' Here are the rules, with my commentary added, free of charge!

1. Link to the person’s blog who tagged you. -Check. Madeline!
2. Post these rules on your blog. -I find this rule rather funny. I can understand if the first rule in the listing of the rules is to post the rules along with your post, but no. They made it the second rule in the rules, to post the rules with your post. Human logic amazes me every day.
3. List seven random and/or weird facts about yourself. -Getting to that.
4. Tag seven random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs. -Personally, I think this is a questionable rule... I feel weird tagging people if they don't want to do this blog, and I don't think they should be pressured. (So many people have already been tagged, too, so I don't know who has already had their turn to sharing weird facts).
5. Let each person know that they have been tagged by posting a comment on their blog. -See above.

Another personal comment: I think that it would have been more appropriate to have seven rules to accommodate the seven facts that will surely follow... ohh well, I suppose.

Without any further ado, just when you thought she couldn't get any weirder... she came out and admitted seven more facts.

1. I don't know how 'weird' this is, but rather, it's a peeve. For some reason, I cannot stand open drawers/cabinet doors. I swear, I do not know why, but I'm always tempted to close them... weird, yes. Abbi-ish, of course.

2. I can hear one thing, and then link it from that, to another thing, to another and another and another. Before I know it, I'm thinking completely off subject and in my own little world, while others are keeping perfectly focused on the topic at hand. Example: Today I was drinking an Ice Tea, and it was really good. I drank that ice tea while eating kernels. I was eating the kernels 'cause I ate all the popcorn. I was eating the popcorn 'cause I was watching Pirates of the Caribbean. I was watching Pirates of the Caribbean while talking to Dev. When talking to Dev, we were practicing DnD. While practicing DnD, I was thinking of new characters that have yet to be created. While thinking of those, I was also talking to a friend about downloading movies off of iTunes. Which reminded me how we had to upload all of our music to our laptop because it was all screwy with the graphics, and the music files got erased. Which reminded me that we might not be able to hook up iTunes to the laptop anymore, so we would have to change where we hooked the iPod up to. Which reminded me that we got a new iPod car-connector thing, called 'iLuv.' I really like that name for a brand... 'iLuv.' Not love, but Luv. Isn't that just great? And Apple came up with that, too.

While doing all of this, I was drinking ice tea.

3. I have an old spirit. Older than my body, anyway. I have found through the preferences of male actors, that I like the older men a lot more. Sure, Corbin Bleu is cute, but he has a few years ahead of him to age. Same goes for Orlando Bloom. As odd as this sounds to compare, I can relate my opinion like some do to wine. Sure, when they're new they're sweet, cute and the like, but they're always better after they've had time to age. So, as I was saying, Zac Efron? Pass. Gimmie my Richard Armitage and Gerard Butler and I'm one happy chickie (who are in fact, 36 and 38. And honestly? I'm all for the accents; Richard = British, Gerard = Scottish. Yummy!)

4. I have an awkward acting thing. I'm really good at memorizing lines, moving and acting along with the words, and presenting it in front of a mirror. Of course, give me an audience expecting a good performance and I freak. I can't keep eye contact with someone while I'm speaking, lest I stare at them during the entire thing. Instead, I get shifty eyes and look everywhere, often at my hands or my feet. Y'see, I think I've gotten it figured out: I'm great at acting, memorizing and becoming one with a character. ...I just can't do it while you're watching.

5. I have a slight twitching habit, as I think you might call it. When I'm watching a movie or reading a book, my leg always ends up tapping or twitching. Most often, I'm bouncing it to nothing in particular... while it annoys others that are sitting next to me, it's calming to me. Goddess knows why, but it is! I also notice that I do it most often if I'm in suspense, which explains why I do it while watching movies/reading books.

6. I think I mentioned this in another "Weird Facts" post, but I'll elaborate a bit more now. I love coffee! In fact, put quite blatantly, I'm a huge coffee snob. My mom dealt with bad coffee for a while, and will inevitably drink coffee that isn't the best if need be... well, then she found her awesome coffee that she can make right at home. That's what I was introduced to. I never had to drink awful coffee, and was given this good stuff, straight out of the belly! In other words, I'm spoiled right to the bone. I've heard it's odd for a 'child' to like coffee, and to that, I've created a few theories; maybe the reason most kids don't like coffee is because a lot of adults aren't too picky about what they drink. They see it as coffee, right? To drink coffee because it's coffee, and everyone drinks coffee. Then kids don't drink it because it doesn't taste good. Why drink something that isn't good? Then when they get older, they don't see it as something that tastes bad, they see it as coffee! Not how it tastes, but what it purely is. I'm also not 'addicted' to coffee. I don't need it. If it doesn't taste good to me, I don't drink it. Maybe that's why I'm so picky about it! I allow myself to be, and I don't suffer if I don't have it. Again, I don't see it as coffee, I see it as a drink that I enjoy having on my tongue in the morning... and if I can't have that taste, then why stoop so low for something that isn't good, just for what it is? Of course, don't get me wrong. If someone does feel they need their coffee fix in the morning, it's all the better that they aren't picky about it. Can you imagine if you were as snobby as me and NEED to have the coffee? Yikes, talk about a raging Godzilla every morning that the coffee wasn't warm for me. Rambling much? Of course, it's Abbi's Blog!

Oh, I also like to think I like my coffee 'bittersweet.' Very dark roast, very little cream, lots of raw sugar. Mmm...

7. As my last weird fact, I'll chose the most random one that I can come up with off the top of my head: I, Abbi, am picky about... eyebrows. Ruffled eyebrows bother me. I swear I don't know why, but they just... do. Whether they're ruffled or poking out of place, I'm so tempted to straighten them. I'm really big about in-place and orderly eyebrows. Out of all the things... eyebrows. I know, weird, right? But what better place to talk about those weird things than this... weird blog? No better place, that's what.

Ack, once again I am faced with the opportunity - or better put, dilemma - of tagging people. I'm sorry to say I'm going to pass, only because so many people have been tagged so often, and I don't know who has already been tagged. I hope too many people don't get angry, even as I doubt they will... (*grabs a book to hide under, just in case*)

I hope you guys enjoyed reading! :) Seasonal wishes to you all!