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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


It's so weird how different people, and personalities, can take on change. Some people (like my brother Alec, and Hayden for instance), cannot take change. They like what they're adapt to, and think, "If I'm happy with what I'm doing, why change that?" Makes sense to me. Some other people (I like thinking myself as one of those people, and Diana), can take change easily! I love trying new things, going to new places, trying on new things. I'll try a little comparison between my brother and I, here.

I love trying new foods, like rips and chicken, for example. I *know* I love the ribs from Bennigans, but I will try it from other restaurants. Alec on the other hand... he also knows he loved the ribs from Bennigans, and he stays with that! He is very true to his ribs, and will not betray them to some place's meat.

Let's try traveling? I *love* checking other new areas, places, cities, countries, and if it was possible at the time... worlds! Universes!! Yes, I know I haven't, and am not yet able, to do either of those two yet.... but if I could? Oh yeah! I'd definitely be taking the next spaceship-rocket-pod-thing − or whatever they had available at the time − over to Venus! And again, Alec... he likes where he's at, so why go to new places if he's completely content? Trying to convince him that he might find something that he likes more than what he's currently at, does - not - work. In his casual words, "Why spend all that time looking for something more, when we could be spending that time enjoying what we already have?!" Also makes sense, if you ask me.

I take to change very, very easily, like Mozilla Firefox for example! Diana and Hayden came over to our house just about a week ago (and still here, by the way)... and right when they got here, Diana could not believe we had Internet Explorer! She downloaded Firefox for us, and the minute I tried it out, I adored it!! Now having to go back to IE (Internet Explorer) every once and a while (my dad's laptop doesn't have it), I can't sta~nd i~t... Alec, will not settle for it. So he just continues using IE... I don't mind that, as long as my computer has Firefox!

Please keep in note, I'm just commenting on the different personalities... I am not singling out people, and picking on them. And now just to kick my own leg, and not make myself sound so "perfect"... I have a hard time with my beliefs, and I cry very easily! Yes, random, but I needed to state a flaw about myself.

Well, I think I've ranted enough for now. Whoever actually read this entire thing... thank you for anyone who went over my first post! Whoo!

"The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese."